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Play Cool Games!

Bionic Race Mobile Game
Bionic Race
Love Match3 Mobile Game
Love Match3
Village Story Mobile Game
Village Story
My Little Dragon Mobile Game
My Little Dragon
Ten Basket Mobile Game
Ten Basket
Guess Who? Mobile Game
Guess Who?
Don't Crash Mobile Game
Don't Crash
Lucky Memory Game Mobile Game
Lucky Memory Game
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Brain Teasers

A farmer has a sack of grain, a chicken and a fox. He has to get them across the river and he can't go around or fly but he does have a boat. He can only take one thing at a time across the river. How can he get them across?
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Laugh Out Loud!

Q:   Rail road tracks, look out for cars! How do you spell that without any Rs?
A:   T-H-A-T!
Q:   Why is arithmetic hard work?
A:   All those numerals you have to carry.
Knock, knock
Who's there?
Abe who?
Abe C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.
Dad: Why is your test score so low?
Girl: Because of absence.
Dad: You were absent?
Girl: No, the girl next to me was.
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Truffles Craft
Easter Bunnies Craft
Easter Bunnies
Chocolate Pound Cake Craft
Chocolate Pound Cake
Nesting Supply Box For Birds Craft
Nesting Supply Box For Birds
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Coloring Pages

Ladybug Coloring Page
Bear Picnic Coloring Page
Bear Picnic
Palm Sunday Coloring Page
Palm Sunday
Bird Under Mushroom Coloring Page
Bird Under Mushroom
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Pencil Puzzles

Count the Mice Puzzle
Count the Mice
Happy Easter Spot The Difference Puzzle
Happy Easter Spot The Difference
Easter Secret Code Puzzle
Easter Secret Code
Easter Tangle Puzzle
Easter Tangle Puzzle
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Word Search Puzzles

Summer Sports Word Search (Online)

Halloween Word Search (Online)

Pets Word Search (Online)

US Capital Cities (Online)
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Mad Libs!

Word Scrambles!

Sliding Tile Game

Cookies for Santa Sliding Tile Game
Cookies for Santa
Kids in Leaves Sliding Tile Game
Kids in Leaves
At The Beach Sliding Tile Game
At The Beach
Sunshine Sliding Tile Game
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