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Sports Games

Squigly loves to play games. Our cool mobile friendly games will work on your iOS and Android devices. Our collection of sports games are challenging and fun. Be sure to come back often as we are always adding new games!

Super PonGoal Game

Super PonGoal

Protect your net and score on your opponent!

Tractor Mania Game

Tractor Mania

Deliver the harvest as quickly as you can!

Pop's Billiards Game

Pop's Billiards

Use your skills to sink the balls in record time!

Speedy Boat Game

Speedy Boat

Race boats one, two or three at time!

Sumo Saga Game

Sumo Saga

Jump to new heights in this fast paced game!

Mini Racer Game

Mini Racer

Race your red mini down the road. Don't crash!

Ten Basket Game

Ten Basket

Head to the basketball courts and shoot some hoops. Play a fun game of Ten Ball.

Kick Ups Game

Kick Ups

Keep the ball in the air as long as you can!

Swift Biker Game

Swift Biker

Ride your bike through challenging courses!

Don't Crash Game

Don't Crash

Watch the cars race around the track. Don't let them crash. Tap the screen to make the car change tracks.

Big Truck Parking Game

Big Truck Parking

Can you park the big truck in the tricky parking spots?

Drag Racing Game

Drag Racing

Get ready to drag race!

Traffic Racer Game

Traffic Racer

Race down the street collecting coins and avoiding collision!

Air Hockey Game

Air Hockey

Play a fun and fast game of air hockey!

Let's Park Game

Let's Park

Park the car in each level without crashing.

Track Racer Game

Track Racer

Drive as fast as you can and don't crash!

Crazy Car Game

Crazy Car

Collect coins and avoid oncoming traffic!

Road Racer Game

Road Racer

Race down the road passing cars at high speeds!

Cars Game


Race down the streets at top speed. Don't crash!

Deadly Race Game

Deadly Race

Speed down the roadway collecting power-ups!

The Truck Game

The Truck

Drive the truck to the end of the course with all your cargo in tact!

Basketball Game


How many baskets can you shoot in one minute?

Desert Racing Game

Desert Racing

Race to the finish line collecting coins and stars!

Speed Racer Game

Speed Racer

Don't Crash! It's just that simple, or is it?

Fishing Frenzy Game

Fishing Frenzy

Fish to get a high score!