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Puzzle Games

Squigly loves to play games. Our cool mobile friendly games will work on your iOS and Android devices. Our collection of puzzle games will give your brain a fun workout. Be sure to come back often as we are always adding new games!

Animal Mania Game

Animal Mania

Give your brain a workout solving these tangram puzzles.

Village Story Game

Village Story

Solve these tricky brain teaser puzzles!

Miracle Jewels Game

Miracle Jewels

Play in timed or leisure mode and make as many matches as possible to earn a high score!

Jago Game


Help Jago cross the canyon!

Christmas Candy Game

Christmas Candy

Addictive bubble shooter game with a Christmas theme!

Save The Penguin Game

Save The Penguin

Click on the ice blocks to return the penguin to earth.

Traffic Game


100 steps is all it takes to get the man to his car. Can you do it?

Shamrock Smash Game

Shamrock Smash

Smash the shamrocks by matching them. Go for a high score!

Chef Bubble Shooter Game

Chef Bubble Shooter

Shoot yummy baked goods to make matches of 3 or more.

Maze Lover Game

Maze Lover

Make your way through the mazes in record time!

Jelly Break Game

Jelly Break

Collect all the jelly you can in this fun match 3 game.

Alien Invaders Game

Alien Invaders

Place the aliens carefully on the grid to prevent an alien invasion!

Pet Party Columns Game

Pet Party Columns

Match the animals in groups of three to make them disappear.

Fruita Swipe Game

Fruita Swipe

Make matches in this cool match 3 game. Each level has a goal you must achieve in order to move on to the next level.

Plumber Game


Rotate the pipes as quickly as you can to stop the green slime!

Treasure Jungle Game

Treasure Jungle

Move the blocks to make matches of three or more. Go for a high score in this fun match 3 game!

Fantasy Mall Game

Fantasy Mall

Run a mall. Build shops, top up stock and keep your customers happy!

Funny Faces Game

Funny Faces

Match the funny faces to make them disappear.

Christmas Balloons Game

Christmas Balloons

Pop all the balloons except the red ones!

Halloween Breaker Game

Halloween Breaker

Match the Halloween objects to clear the screen and earn points.

Traffic Command Game

Traffic Command

Control the traffic in the streets by controlling the traffic lights.

Winter Holidays Game

Winter Holidays

Make matches as quickly as you can to meet each level goal!

Lucky Memory Game Game

Lucky Memory Game

Test your memory with this fun game. Make matches as fast as you can!

Fruit Memory Game Game

Fruit Memory Game

Flip the cards and make matches!

Guess Who? Game

Guess Who?

Be the first to guess your opponent's character.

Stones of the Pharaoh Game

Stones of the Pharaoh

Click the like colored blocks to make them disappear. Clear the board to win!

Christmas Gifts Game

Christmas Gifts

Make long chains to earn big points!

Let's Park Game

Let's Park

Park the car in each level without crashing.

Thanksgiving Memory Game Game

Thanksgiving Memory Game

Turn cards over two at a time and make matches!

Playful Kitty Game

Playful Kitty

Help the kitty play by giving her a ball!

Leprechaun Match Game

Leprechaun Match

Match the leprechauns as fast as you can!

Angry Cat Shot Game

Angry Cat Shot

Click on Angry Cat and aim your sling shot for the path to the star!

Tricky Demolition Game

Tricky Demolition

Your job is to demolish all the buildings in each level of this fun and challenging puzzle game.

Zombie Night Game

Zombie Night

The zombies are out. Make them disappear by sliding matching pairs together.

Easter Blast Game

Easter Blast

Blast the Easter Eggs at the egg wall and go for a high score!

Bubble Launch Game

Bubble Launch

Clear the bubbles by shooting like colored bubbles at the clusters.

Mad Libs Game

Mad Libs

Create funny stories!

Sweety Memory Game

Sweety Memory

Match the tiles in this Sweety Memory game. The faster you make matches, the higher your score will be!

Brick Breaker Unicorn Game

Brick Breaker Unicorn

Destroy all the bricks and collect any falling power-ups!

Woblox Game


Move the blocks so you can move the green block to the exit.

Cake Shop Game

Cake Shop

Click on the customer to see what they would like then prepare their cake order. Be quick and precise!

Candy Match 3 Game

Candy Match 3

Match candy in this fun puzzle game!

Stick Monkey Game

Stick Monkey

Stick Monkey is on a mission. Stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on the platforms.

Fire Truck Game

Fire Truck

Move the fire truck to the exit in each level. You are timed and your moves are counted in each level, so plan ahead for a big score!

Sticky Hero Game

Sticky Hero

This little hero needs your help creating bridges from one platform to the next.

Christmas Match 3 Game

Christmas Match 3

Match 3 or more Christmas objects to score points!

Sea Animals Puzzle Game

Sea Animals Puzzle

Fun matching game!

Gold Coast Game

Gold Coast

Mine for gold and other treasure!

My Little Dragon Game

My Little Dragon

Own your own little dragon. Play with him and keep him healthy and happy!

Jelly Jump Game

Jelly Jump

The only thing standing between you and victory are some silly wooden spikes. Can you make the jelly jump and survive?

US Cities Game

US Cities

Can you find the US Cities on the map?

Christmas Shooter Game

Christmas Shooter

Match the Christmas balls to make them disappear.

The Sorcerer Game

The Sorcerer

Clear the balls in this fun matching game!

Sheepop Game


Help the sheep jump from pole to pole.Use the arrow to determine the length and height of the sheep's jump.

Snakes and Ladders Game

Snakes and Ladders

Challenge your friends or computer to a fun game of Snakes and Ladders!

Monsters Up Game

Monsters Up

Help the monsters reach the stars by timing your jump just right!

Get The Brains Game

Get The Brains

Drop the brains on the zombie's head. Collect all the stars in each level to get a perfect score!

Christmas Balls Game

Christmas Balls

Make long chains to earn a high score!

Love Match Game

Love Match

Valentine's Day is coming. Get ready to make a Love Match or two by clicking on groups of the same colored hearts.

Love Match3 Game

Love Match3

Make as many long love matches as you can!

Mr. Smith Pics and Words Game

Mr. Smith Pics and Words

Guess the word by the letters and picture provided.

Easter Memory Game

Easter Memory

Turn cards over two at a time. Try to match the pictures. Play all 9 levels.

Color Match PopStar Game

Color Match PopStar

Match the squares to make them disappear!

Foxy Blocks Game

Foxy Blocks

Remove the blocks to help the fox get to his den!

Potion Master Game

Potion Master

Determine which potion has been placed where.

Halloween Bubble Shooter Game

Halloween Bubble Shooter

Shoot the balls and make matches of three or more!

Halloween Match Up Game

Halloween Match Up

Make matches of 3 or more in this fun Halloween themed puzzle game!

Meat Stacker Game

Meat Stacker

Stack the meat as high as you can!

Snowflake Match Up Game

Snowflake Match Up

Match as many snowflakes as you can!

Christmas Breaker Game

Christmas Breaker

Make matches and break up a collection of Christmas items to earn points.

Ultimate Sudoku Game

Ultimate Sudoku

Choose your level of difficulty and solve these fun and challenging Sudoku puzzles.

Donut Crash Saga Game

Donut Crash Saga

A deliciously fun match 3 game!

She Hates The Clowns Game

She Hates The Clowns

Jump over the clowns until there is only one left. Plan your moves carefully!