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The Date Mad Lib

Mad Lib Funny StoryHow To Make Your Funny Story:

Mad libs are funny stories created on the spot. To make your story just fill in a word for each prompt. Once you've filled in all the blanks click on the Build 'Story Button' and a funny story will be made with the words you provided! Your mad lib will open in a new browser window. You can play this fun word game again and again. Play the same story and put in different words or pick another story, we've got over 100 mad libs to choose from. Get ready to laugh out loud!

Have Fun!

A boy's name:

A girl's name:

An adjective:

A noun:

A number:

Your favorite restaurant:

A type of food:

A type of drink:

A verb ending in ing:

A body part:

A type of car:

A type of present:

A type of candy:

A type of flower:

A place: