Squigly's Word Search Story

Squigly has hidden the names of popular games in this story. How many games can you find? Circle each game's name as you find it. There are 20 hidden in all.

Squigly was getting ready to go skiing with Woody. They had planned this day some weeks ago and were both looking forward it. Squigly made a final check through his list of things to bring. When he was satisfied he had everything, he put on his winter coat. This caused him some frustration, because the sweater he had chosen to wear was a little too bulky, making his zipper hard to zip.

On his way to Woody's, he passed Memorial Park, where a statue of a battleship has been erected in commemoration of the war.

Squigly knocked on Woody's door and called, "Guess who?" Woody answered the door, picked up his gear and the two were ready to go. "Sorry I'm a little late." said Squigly. "I'm just glad you made it. This is going to be the best skiing trip of my life." said Woody.

To get to the slopes, the pair had to connect four different bus routes. The journey was long, but well worth it. They had no trouble making the bus connectionsSquigly's Word Search Story.

Once on the slopes, the two decided to risk looking foolish by starting on the bunny hills. The instructor on the hill asked them to ski between the flags with the checkers on them. After doing a few runs on the bunny hill, they headed for Twister, a high hill with many turns and steep slopes. While on the chair lift, they saw a skier wipe out and knock down two other skiers like dominoes. After seeing the terrible accident, Squigly was a little sorry he had chosen this run, but he knew the only way down was to ski. The view from the top of the hill was breathtaking. In recent memory, he had not seen such a spectacular sight. Taking a deep breath, Squigly followed Woody down the slope. When the end was in sight, kerplunk, Woody fell down. Luckily he was not injured. The pair decided that perhaps some hot chocolate was in order.

They entered the ski lodge and ordered their warm drinks. They could hear the chef in the back yelling at the waitress, "Don't spill the beans." Suddenly they heard a loud snap, which sounded like a mouse trap. They asked the waitress about the noise they had just heard but she didn't have a clue what the noise could have been.

Refreshed and warmed, the two headed back to the slopes and enjoyed their day of skiing.

On their way home, they both wondered if being professional ski instructors was in the cards for their future careers.

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