Pencil Puzzles: Autumn

Autumn Puzzles

Print and solve our Autumn puzzles for kids. Whether you like crossword puzzles, word searches or spot the difference puzzles, we're sure we have a fall word puzzle to challenge you! Use these puzzles at home, in the classroom or for homeschooling purposes.

If you get stuck you can always peek at the answers to the puzzles.

Autumn Puzzles

Animal Spot the Difference Puzzle
Animal Spot the Difference

At The Zoo Word Search (Online) Puzzle
At The Zoo Word Search (Online)
Autumn Alphabet Puzzle
Autumn Alphabet Puzzle

Autumn Code Breaker Puzzle
Autumn Code Breaker

Autumn Crossword Puzzle
Autumn Crossword

Autumn Fill In Puzzle
Autumn Fill In

Autumn Secret Code Puzzle
Autumn Secret Code

Autumn Special Message Puzzle
Autumn Special Message

Autumn Spot the Difference Puzzle
Autumn Spot the Difference

Autumn Word Search (Online) Puzzle
Autumn Word Search (Online)
AutumnSpot the Differences Puzzle
AutumnSpot the Differences

Clown Spot the Difference Puzzle
Clown Spot the Difference

Happy Birthday Spot the Difference Puzzle
Happy Birthday Spot the Difference

Owl Maze Puzzle
Owl Maze
Scarecrow Spot The Difference Puzzle
Scarecrow Spot The Difference

Sheep Maze Puzzle
Sheep Maze
Thanksgiving US Word Search Puzzle
Thanksgiving US Word Search
Tree Word Search Puzzle
Tree Word Search
Western Maze Puzzle
Western Maze


... more Fall fun.

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