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Hummingbird flying up to red flowerSummer Activities for Kids

Ahh... the lazy, hazy days of summer are here and when it's too hot to play outside you can sit down to enjoy our many summer activities for kids. They will add lots of fun to your already awesome summer break. Why not become a junior scientist this summer and make your own insect feeder? On our summer crafts page you'll find lots of ideas to keep you busy. Which will you try first? Print and color pictures of kids playing, outdoor sports, families vacationing and more.

When you're ready to put on your thinking cap, try our summer themed pencil puzzles including crossword puzzles, spot the difference puzzles, and word searches. We also have some fun polls you can participate in, online games, and even a few summer quizzes. Just use the links below to take you to your favorite activity and start celebrating the summer season! Learning is fun when you're coloring, playing games, and solving puzzles and riddles!

There are also lots of great outdoor activities like bike riding, swimming, playing with friends and more. When you go outside make sure to wear sunscreen to protect your skin!

Colouring Pages

Safe! Coloring Page My Vacation Coloring Page Family at Beach Coloring Page


Nature Bingo cards Stained Glass Window Twirling Pinwheel

Fun Poll

Is summer your favourite season?
What is the one thing you most dislike about summer?
This summer, I would most like to go to...
What is your favourite water sport?


Ten Basket Online Game Duck Shoot Online Game Summer Match 3 Online Game

Matching Game

Select a matching game and then look for the two identical pictures.

Snorkel Matching Game Swimming Pool Matching Game Sand Toys Matching Game
Lifeguard Matching Game Packing Matching Game Safari Matching Game
Sand Castle Matching Game Summer SOlstice Matching Game  

Online Coloring Pages

Coloring fun without having to leave your computer!

Sand Castle Online Coloring Page Family at the Beach Online Coloring Page Vacation Online Coloring Page

Pencil Puzzles

Solve crossword puzzles, secret codes, word searches and spot the difference puzzles to celebrate summer.

At The Zoo Word Search (Online) Puzzle Happy Birthday Spot the Difference Puzzle Toy Spot the Difference Puzzle


Try our fun quizzes about summer!

Tile Game

Summer Fruit Sliding Tile Game

At The Beach Sliding Tile Game Sunshine Slding Tile Game

Word Scrambles

Unscramble the letters in each of these puzzles to make summer words.

Word Searches

We have games and activites for Autumn, Back to School, Christmas, Earth Day, Easter, Family Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Independence Day, Mother's Day, Spring, St. Patrick's Day, Summer, Thanksgiving, Valentines and Winter.

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