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Independence Day Activities for Kids

Before you head off to your family picnic and fireworks display, celebrate the 4th of July with Squigly's Independence Day activities for kids. You can be sure they will add to your fun this holiday! Shoot off your own fireworks and score points in our 4th of July online game! Then print and color pictures of families celebrating the holiday, marching bands, and more.

When you're ready to put on your thinking cap, try our Independence Day word search. Just use the links below to take you to your favorite activity and start celebrating this holiday! Learning is fun when you're coloring, playing games, and solving puzzles!

Coloring Pages

Marching Band Coloring Page Kids Marching Coloring Page 4th of July Coloring Page

Pencil Puzzle

We've got a word search puzzle to celebrate Independence Day.

Independence Day Word Search


American States

Word Search

Solve Squigly's US City word search puzzle.

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