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Earth Day Activities for Kids

Fun Earth Day Activities for kids!

Think green this April 22 and everyday! Earth needs our help and it's worth sharing this information with everyone but our planet it also worth celebrating. Squigly is celebrating the holiday by sharing these fun Earth Day activities for kids. You can be sure they will teach about the the reason for Earth Day and keep you entertained for hours. You will find instructions for upcycling common household items in our crafts secton. You canĀ print and color pictures of earth friendly activities, recycling, and more.

When you're ready to put on your thinking cap, try our Earth Day themed pencil puzzles including crossword puzzles, spot the difference puzzles, and word searches. We also have a fun poll, online games, quizzes and matching games. Just use the links below to take you to your favorite activity and start celebrating this fun holiday! Learning is fun when you're coloring, playing games, and solving puzzles!

Coloring Pages

Bunny Watering Garden Coloring Page Recycling Cartoon Coloring Page Earth Day Coloring Page


Insect Feeder Craft Make New Crayons From Old Ones Craft Portable Telephone Craft

Fun Poll

Answer Squigly's Earth Day poll!


Recycle Online Game
Out of Wind Online Game
Out of Wind
Compactor Panic Online Game
Compactor Panic
    Miss Earth Day Game
Miss Earth Day Quiz

Matching Games

Select a matching game and then look for the two identical pictures.

Earth Day Matching Game Picking Up Trash Matching Game Recycling Matching Game

Pencil Puzzles

We've got crossword puzzles, secret codes, word searches and spot the difference puzzles to celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day Word Search (Online) Puzzle Earth Day Secret Code Puzzle Earth Day Special Message Puzzle


Fun 10 question quizzes about Earth Day.

Word Scrambles

Unscramble the letters in each of these puzzles to make Earth Day related words.

Word Search

Solve Squigly's Earth Day word search puzzle.

Word Star

Earn stars as you guess Squigly's word list in this fun word game.

We have games and activites for Autumn, Back to School, Christmas, Earth Day, Easter, Family Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Independence Day, Mother's Day, Spring, St. Patrick's Day, Summer, Thanksgiving, Valentines and Winter.

Celebrate the seasons and holidays in style with Squigly.