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April Showers Word Game

April Showers Word Game Mrs. Pezzato's first grade class has been thinking a lot about spring and wanted to share their ideas with you. Can you guess all the words they were thinking about?


Type the correct word in the box provided. When you have done as many as you can, click on Check Answers and Squigly will let you know how you did.

This month comes after March and before May. 

You do this to wildflowers in a field. 

It comes out after a thunderstorm. 

A springtime flower: 

These will turn green on a tree in the spring.

This peeks out from a cloud after the rain.

A long walk through the woods: 

You can play here after a shower. 

Take an umbrella so you don't get... 

Rain waters our planet, ... 

This bird is a sign of spring. 

A season when flowers bloom.


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