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Poisonous Plants Word Scramble

Summer is a great time for playing outdoors. Always wear a hat when playing outside in the sun and don't forget to put on sunscreen too. The sun's ultraviolet rays are one summer danger you need to avoid and poisonous plants are another. Learn the names of these plants and be sure to check the area where you are playing to make sure you do not come in contact with these plants.


Unscramble the name of each plant or flower and type it in the space provided. When you have unscrambled as many words as you can click on the Check Answers button.

  1. soopin vyi

  2. yill fo het lelvay

  3. proreism

  4. lyohl

  5. srcato iol

  6. reloaned

  7. bitewestter

  8. klomech

  9. spiono koa


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