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Happy Easter Word Scramble

Mrs. Pezzato's first grade class would like to wish you a Happy Easter by sharing this puzzle with you. Can you guess all the Easter and spring words they were thinking about?

Happy Easter Word Game


Type the correct word in the box provided. When you have done as many as you can, click on Check Answers and Squigly will let you know how you did.

What eggs do in the spring. 

Bunnies, chicks and ducks are all types of these.

A colour to dye your eggs:

We ____ wildflowers from a field.

The colour of daffodils:

The Easter Bunny hides these for us.

This month's showers bring May flowers.

The season when flowers bloom: 

A sound that tells us a spring shower is coming:

This holiday brings jellybeans and chocolate.

Seeing this bird is a sign of spring. 


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