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Sports 2 Quiz

Do you like to play sports? Squigly has picked ten different sports and made up a question about each, can you get them all right in this fun quiz?


Select the correct answer for each quiz question. When you are done, click on the Check Answers button to check your answers and Squigly will tell you how you did answering his trivia questions.

  1. In which sport/game do you use a mallet? Sports II Quiz 

  2. If you were involved in the Olympic Biathlon, you would be

  3. In an archery competition, the player with the lowest score wins.

  4. During a Sumo wrestling match, the contestants try to

  5. A gauntlet is a long white glove worn by fencers.

  6. How long is each round of wrestling?

  7. The triple jump is made up of which three actions?Sumo Wrestler

  8. Which sport has a wicket and a wicketkeeper?

  9. How many one minute time outs can each team call per half in a basketball game?

  10. How many periods are in a hockey game?


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