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Scary Creatures Quiz

Scary Creatures Quiz Halloween makes us think of scary things. From the clues provided can you guess what scary creatures are in this quiz?


Type the correct answer for each question. When you are done, click on the Check Answers button to check your answers and Squigly will tell you how you did answering his trivia questions.

  1. Don't let this guy near your neck!! He'll surely leave his mark.

  2. This mad scientist created a monster from dead body parts.

  3. Dressed in black, she loves to cast spells and mix potions.

  4. You might say this creature is all wrapped up.

  5. An ugly, mean little spirit that lives underground.

  6. Without these a house just wouldn't be haunted.

  7. This rather boney fellow must make a lot of noise as he walks.

  8. This character was the star from Nightmare on Elm Street.

  9. This creature has horns on his head, carries a pitchfork and lives in a very warm place.

  10. You don't want to meet this guy on Friday the 13th.


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