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Board and Card Games Quiz

Squigly loves to play games! In this little quiz see if you know which game is being described.


Answers as many questions as you can, then click on the Check Answers button and see how you did.

  1. A simple card game where all the players try to collect pairs.

  2. An outdoor, hopping and jumping game, played on a grid.

  3. What game involves music and chairs?

  4. A card came in which 2s and the Queen of Spades make you pick up cards.

  5. In this game you can buy property, pass "Go" and go to jail.

  6. How many squares are on a Snakes and Ladders game?

  7. Which of these pieces is not a chess piece?

  8. What colours are the squares on a checkers board?

  9. What is the name of the board game where you are a detective and you must solve a murder mystery?

  10. This is a popular birthday party game played with a blind fold.


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