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Sea Creatures Quiz

Sea Creatures QuizOur ponds, lakes and oceans are teaming with life. Try these fun trivia questions about sea creatures.


Select the correct answer for each quiz question. When you are done, click on the Check Answers button to check your answers and Squigly will tell you how you did answering his trivia questions.

  1. This mammal is the largest sea creature.

  2. What do walruses use their large tusks for?

  3. A squid has eight tentacles like an octopus.

  4. An octopus can cloud the water with a dark 'inky' substance that confuses its' enemy.

  5. Most scallops eyes are...

  6. How many pairs of legs does a crab have?

  7. Eels are snakes.

  8. When a female seahorse lay eggs she..

  9. Salmon can live in both fresh and salt water.

  10. The whale shark is the largest fish. It eats..


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