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AJ, Celeste, Juan, Kara, Lily, and Randy all live on Redwood Avenue. Each of their house numbers has three digits, but the only digits in their house numbers are 2, 3, 5, and 6. The same digit may appear in one address more than once.
AJ’s house number is Juan’s house number doubled.
Juan lives next to Lily and right across from Randy.
Randy’s number is the lowest on the street.
Celeste’s number is a higher number than AJ’s but has the same three digits as his. They both have the same digit in the hundreds place.
Kara’s house number is the reverse of Juan’s.
What is each person’s street address?


AJ’s street address is 526 Redwood Avenue.
Celeste’s street address is 562 Redwood Avenue.
Juan’s street address is 263 Redwood Avenue.
Kara’s street address is 362 Redwood Avenue.
Lily’s street address is 265 Redwood Avenue.
Randy’s street address is 262 Redwood Avenue.

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