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Hearts Valentine Crafts

With Valentine's fast approaching, there are hearts everywhere. Here are instructions for cutting out hearts. Then you can try one of these craft ideas: Old Fashioned Valentines, String of Hearts, Heart Creatures, or Valentine Puzzle.

How to cut out a heart:

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Fold your piece of paper in half.
  2. Along the folded side, draw one side of a heart.
    Along the folded side, draw one side of a heart.
  3. Cut along your pencil line. Open out the paper and you'll see a beautiful heart.

You can use your first heart as a tracer, or make all your hearts as mentioned above. Be creative, use different coloured/textured paper and make hearts of all sizes.

Old Fashioned Valentines:

A very traditional valentine is one where a pink or red heart is glued on top of a doily. (You can buy doilies at most grocery stores or dollar stores.) Try it. Make sure your heart fits nicely on the doily. Ideally the doily should frame the heart.

Craft: Old Fashioned Hearts

String of Hearts:

Fold a sheet of paper (any kind) into four, six or eight (or more) equal parts from the top down.

Fold the paper like this

Draw your heart as illustrated, with the centre of the heart on the fold and with one of the top humps of the heart going over the fold on the opposite side.

Draw half a heart

Cut out along your pencil lines. The more you fold your paper the more hearts you will have joined together. Always do an equal number of folds to end up with complete hearts. You can make several strings and join them with glue or tape. Write a special message or your name on the hearts.

Open your cut out

Heart Creatures

Cut out a lot of hearts in different sizes and colours. Don't forget you can make skinny and fat hearts too. Glue them together to make flowers, heart people or animals.

Valentine Puzzle

Would you like to puzzle your valentine? Make a heart and write your valentine message, then cut it into several pieces( not too small). Put all the pieces of the heart into an envelope and give it to your special someone.

... more Valentine fun.