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Fancy Valentine Heart Craft

This fun craft teaches you how to make little fabric heart cushions.

Valentine's Day Craft: Fancy Valentine Heart

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Make two hearts that are at least 6 inches across. Click here for instructions on how to make a heart.
  2. Trace one of these hearts unto boxboard or cardboard. Cut around your tracing.
  3. Make a second heart that is 1 inch bigger than your first two hearts. Place them (one large and one small) on your fabric and trace. Cut the material along your tracing lines.
    Valentine's Day Craft: Fancy Valentine Heart Instruction 1
  4. On the boxboard heart glue along the two humps and down one side of the heart.
    Valentine's Day Craft: Fancy Valentine Heart Instruction 2
  5. Centre this heart on the wrong side of the larger fabric heart.
  6. Carefully take the excess fabric and press it onto the glue. Let dry (approximately 1/2 hour.)
    Valentine's Day Craft: Fancy Valentine Heart Instruction 3
  7. While the heart is drying, make the stuffing for your heart by tearing Kleenex into strips and crumpling them gently.
  8. When the heart is dry, gently push the shredded Kleenex between the boxboard and fabric heart. Add enough stuffing so your heart looks puffy.
  9. Glue the fabric along the rest of the heart to seal opening. Let dry.
  10. To decorate your heart use your imagination. Beads, artificial flowers, ribbon and lace all add something special to this craft.
  11. To finish, glue your last fabric heart onto the back of the boxboard.
  12. Pin a little note on the puffy heart for your valentine.

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