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Napkin Rings Craft

Decorate your place settings with this festive napkin holder. These napkin rings are easy and fun to make!

Craft: Napkin Rings

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Cut the toilet paper or paper towel roll into 1 inch sections so you have a ring that is 1 inch high. Cut enough rings so each placesetting will have a napkin holder.
  2. Cut the brown construction paper into 1 inch strips, long enough to cover each napkin holder, with room for some overlap.
  3. Place a line of glue around the 1 inch rolls. Wrap the construction paper around the roll so that it is fully covered. Place glue on the contruction paper where there is overlap and press the construction paper down onto itself.
  4. Cut out the leaf templates and trace them onto the back of the red, green and orange construction paper. Then cut out the leaves from the construction paper. Feel free to draw leaf veins on the leaves to make them look real.
  5. Glue a leaf onto the front of the napkin ring where the overlap from the brown paper is (this will hide the overlap), then glue another leaf so that it overlaps the first leaf a bit.
  6. Wait until the glue on the napkin holders has dried. Roll up napkins and slide one into each napkin holder. Place these at each spot of the table for a festive decoration!

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