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Leaf Banner Thanksgivng Day Craft

Make this fun Thanksgiving craft to celebrate the holiday! Hang this colorful leaf banner up during the Thanksgiving holidays to welcome family and friends!

Thanksgiving Day Craft: Leaf Banner

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Decide what you would like your banner to say. Some expamples include: Give Thanks, Be Thankful, Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving, Welcome Friends and Autumn.
  2. Print the leaf template and cut out the leaf. Trace the leaf onto the back of your scrapbook or construction paper. Cut enough leaves for each letter in your saying and make sure to vary the colors.
  3. Draw each letter on a leaf and arrange them to spell your greeting.
  4. Cut your plain paper into little pieces about an inch and a half by half an inch. Fold each of the pieces of paper lengthwise. On the back of each leaf (near the top), tape the ends of the folded pices of plain paper so that you create a tent shape. This will be used to string the yarn through, allowing it to hang, so make sure the tent shape allows for that. (See picture below)
    Thanksgiving Day Craft: Banner Back
  5. String your yarn, string or ribbon through each tent on each leaf so that you spell out the desired saying. Hang up the banner to celebrate the season!

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