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Spooky Halloween Spiders Craft

This fun halloween craft will show you how to make spooky spiders. These spooky spiders are sure to frighten your unsuspecting guests. Make a whole bunch!

Halloween Craft: Spooky Spiders

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Pour a generous amount of black paint onto a plate. Skewer each styrofoam ball and roll it in the paint. Place the skewers with the ball attached in a glass and allow to dry overnight. In the morning, pour more paint onto the plate and skewer the styrofoam balls on the painted end. Roll the white ends in the paint. Allow to dry.
  2. Attach the two Googly eyes to each spider with glue. Cut the pipe cleaners so that you have legs for each spider body you have made (we used four legs for the smaller spiders and six legs for the larger one). Stick the pipe cleaner in each side of the spider to make legs. Bend the pipe cleaner to allow your spider to stand.
  3. Stand your spiders on a shelf or attach them to a fake spider web.

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