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Tombstone Pencil Holder Halloween Craft

Carve a scary pencil holder out of soap! This craft is fun and easy to make but because you need to use a knife to shape the soap, please have a grownup helper with you.

Halloween Craft: Tombstone Pencil Holder

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Use the knife to shape the bar of soap into a tombstone. Do this by gently scraping away at the soap. You might want to mark the outline of the tombstone on the soap before you begin. Try to make the bottom of your tombstone as flat as possible so it will stand up.
  2. When you have the soap carved into the shape of a tombstone you can use your pencil to engrave a creepy or funny saying on the front of the tombstone. Don't forget to add cracks.
  3. Carefully stick a few pencils into the top of the stone.

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