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Father's Day T-Shirt

This fun craft will have you putting your handprints and footprints on a shirt for dad that will be a special gift for Father's Day. You'll have fun making it and dad will have fun wearing it!

Father's Day Craft: Father's Day T-Shirt 1 Father's Day Craft: Father's Day T-Shirt 2

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Buy a shirt in your dad's size and some fabric paint. Wash and dry the shirt before you begin.
  2. Put cardboard or box board inside the shirt. It should be big enough to fill the body part of the shirt. By doing this you ensure that the paint will not seep through to the other side of the shirt.
  3. Apply paint to one of your hands or feet, then have an adult firmly press it onto the shirt. Make as many prints as you please. Allow the front of the shirt to dry before beginning on the back.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the look, allow the shirt to dry. Write a message on the shirt with fabric paint or fabric markers.

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