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Easter Cards

Easter cards are fun to make and fun to give. Squigly has made three templates that you can use to make your own specal Easter cards for your friends and family. This craft is fun and easy to do and uses craft materials you probably already have in the house.

Easter Crafts

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Print one of the tracers Squigly has made: Bunny, Chick, Egg
  2. Cut out the tracer along the dark black lines.
  3. Fold a piece of construction paper in half.
  4. Place the dotted lines of the tracer along the folded edge of the construction paper.
  5. Carefully trace the outline of the tracer onto the construction paper.
  6. Cut along the outline you made through both thicknesses of the paper.
  7. Decorate your card using markers, crayons or pencil crayons.
  8. If you like you can even glue on sparkles or ribbons.
  9. Have fun and be as creative as you like.

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