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Flowering Plant Craft

Start a beautiful flowering plant for someone you love or to brighten your days during the long winter. This lovely flowering plant craft makes a beautiful gift.

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Protect your work area with newspaper. Paint a pretty picture or pattern on the clay pot and dish. Allow to dry.
  2. Ask an adult to help you bend the clothes hanger into a circular shape. See diagram.
    christmas craft: Flowering Plant
  3. Wrap the circular part of the clothes hanger with ribbon, choose a colour that matches your painting.
  4. With the masking tape, tape the top of the hanger to the inside of the pot.
  5. Fill the pot with soil and gently pat it down.
  6. Poke four or five holes in the soil. Make the holes approximately 1 cm deep. Put one seed in each hole and cover with soil.
  7. Attach a card with instructions on how to care for the plant. Example: To brighten your winter days, here is a nasturtium plant. Place it in a sunny spot. Water every few days. As the plant grows, twist it around the wreath. If you like you can eat the flowers.

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