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Lacy Christmas Tree Craft

These Lacy Christmas trees are fun to make, just print the template and follow our easy directions. Once you've made the tree, have fun decorating it with pompoms, glass decals or stickers. This craft requires the use of a glue gun so you will need an adult helper.

Christmas Craft: Christmas Tree

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Turn on your printer and print the template located here.
  2. Using scissors to cut out the tree and star. Trace the star onto yellow construction paper and cut out one or two stars.
  3. Take the semicircle and form it into a cone shape. Overlap the edges and glue it closed.  
  4. Unravel some lace and begin gluing it onto the base of the tree. Two sets of hands work best for this part. One to glue and the other to lay the lace onto the tree. Glue the lace all the way around the tree until you get to the top. Cut the lace.
  5. Glue your star(s) to the top of the tree.
  6. Pick the decorations you'd like to use. We used pompoms and small glass decals. Put small dabs of glue on the decorations and press them onto your tree.

Christmas Trees

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