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Christmas Countdown Rings Craft

Are you excited for Christmas? Do you have a younger brother or sister who can't wait for the special day? Make this fun craft to help them countdown the days to Christmas. Each day in December one chain is broken off. The shorter the chain becomes the closer Christmas is! You can even write a fun activity on each chain to keep you busy until the 25th.

Christmas Craft: Christmas Countdown Rings

What you need:

Craft: Christmas Countdown Rings Supplies

What you do:

  1. With a pencil and ruler measure and mark 1 inch intervals across the width of the paper. You will need 13 red strips and 12 green.
  2. Cut along the lines until you have 25 strips of paper.
  3. Make your first chain (red) by stapling, taping or gluing the thin ends together. If you are gluing the chains hold the ends together until the glue has a chance to dry.
  4. Thread the next piece of paper (green) through the first chain and secure as above.
  5. Continue to do this until you have 25 chains. Make sure to alternate colours as you go. *Note: if you are starting this craft late make one chain for each day until the 25th of December.
  6. If you feel extra creative you could write a funny riddle or activity on each chain. That way each day there is something fun to read or do each day leading up to Christmas.

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