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Fall Leaf Wreath Craft

Make this colorful fall leaf wreath to celebrate autumn. This craft for kids is a fun and easy to make. We've provided a list of supplies and the directions needed to complete the craft.

Leaf Wreath with Squirrels

What you need:

What you do:

  1. With an adult's help cut the centre from the paper plate so that you are left with only the outside ridge.
  2. Using the scissors, poke two small holes through the top of the rim of the plate, about an inch and a half apart. You may want to ask an adult to help you. Thread the ribbon through the two holes and tie it in a bow so that the wreath will hang from the bow.
  3. Cut out the leaf from the template and trace it onto green, red, orange, yellow and brown construction paper. Cut out 3-4 leaves of each color.
  4. Arrange the leaves on the ridge of the plate so that they overlap and cover the plate. When you are happy with the arrangement, glue the leafs to the plate and give them time to dry.
  5. You can leave your wreath as is and hang it up, or you can decorate it with more autumn cutouts. We decorated ours with two squirrels holding an acorn.
  6. Cut out the squirrel and acorn from the template. Trace two squirrels onto a black foam sheet. Make sure that after you have traced one squirrel, you flip it over to trace the next so that the squirrels are facing each other. Trace the acorn onto a brown foam sheet. Cut the images from the foam.
  7. Place the squirrels and the acorn onto the bottom of the wreath so that the squirrels are facing each other and sharing the acorn between them. Glue them down.
  8. Outline the acorn in gold glitter glue and give the squirrels eyes using blue glitter glue.  
  9. Hang up your wreath!

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