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How To Make Treasure Boxes

Every one collects special treasures. Here is a neat little treasure box craft you can make to keep your treasure safe. You can also make these and use them instead of loot bags at your next birthday party.

What you need:

Instructions follow below the video…

What you do:

  1. Using a ruler and pencil carefully draw the shape below. Make each side of the inside triangle four and a half inches long. The three adjoining triangles each have sides six and a half inches long. Cut out your drawing.

    Pattern for making a treasure box
  2. With the hole punch make three holes, one in each tip of the three outside triangles. (See diagram above).
  3. Decorate the three outside triangles using glitter pens, markers, pencil crayons, or crayons or a combination of all four. If you are using glitter pens allow the glitter to dry before proceeding.
  4. Carefully fold up the triangular sides. Thread ribbon, cord, wool or a shoelace through the three holes and tie.