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Make A Scarecrow

Make a scarecrow to welcome the arrival of fall. Hang your scarecrow on a door or wall. You can decorate it anyway you like.Scarecrow Craft

What you need:

What you do:

  1. With an adult's help bend a wire coat hanger into a diamond shape.
    Step One of Scarecrow Craft
  2. Use a stocking or the leg from a pair of nylons and put the hanger inside the nylon. Pull the nylon so that it is taut over the hanger. Tie a knot in the nylon to prevent it from slipping off.
    Step Two of Scarecrow Craft
  3. Decide which material you would like to use for eyes, a nose, mouth, scarf and hat. Cut out the appropriate shapes and glue them onto the nylon.
    Scarecrow craft complete
  4. Enjoy your scarecrow!

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