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Sand Art

While on vacation this summer, take home some sand from the beach. Sand art is very easy to make and pretty too.

Try to collect clean, fine sand. You should strain the sand you have collected to remove any large pieces from it.

Carefully mix the sand with powder paint - choose a variety of different colours. Keep the different colours of sand separate.

Once you have your coloured sand made you can carefully pour sand into a glass jar in layers to make a pretty decoration. If you add a layer of soil on top of your layers of coloured sand, you can grow small cactus plants in the jar.

Sand Boy

- Or -

Sketch a pattern or picture on a piece of paper. Carefully apply glue to the sections of your pattern that will be covered with the same colour sand. Make a paper funnel and slowly spread the coloured sand on the glued areas. Allow the glue to dry and carefully brush away any excess sand. Continue filling in your pattern or picture using only one colour of sand at a time.

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