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Make Your Own Placemats

Chelsey, age 12, from Canada shared this simple craft idea and Squigly has added some of his own ideas too!

Personalized Placemats

What you need:

Instructions follow below the video…

What you do:

  1. Cut the construction paper or Bristol board into rectangles approximately 23" x 17". The placemats do not have to be the same colour. You might choose each person's favourite colour.
  2. Think of the person you are making the placemat for and start looking through the magazines and catalogues. Cut out pictures that would be of interest to that person. You can also use photographs.
  3. Once you have the pictures cut out, glue them on both sides of the Bristol board placement.
  4. To finish the placemat laminate it or use clear Mack-tack on both sides. When using Mack-tack cut it larger than the placement and be sure to get out as many air bubbles as you can. Use scissors to round off the corners.