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Pine Cone Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

This cute turkey, made from a pine cone, can be used as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table. If you really like making this craft, you can make enough for everyone at the table and use them as place cards and attach a special special message for each person.

Pine Cone Turkeys

What you need:

What you do:

  1. The narrow end of the pine cone will be the turkey's head. Cut an orange pipe cleaner in half for smaller pinecones and 3/4 for larger pinecones and secure it around the second set of 'leaves' from the tip of the pine cone. Fold over the remaining piece of pipe cleaner to form the head. This should stick out over the narrow end of the pine cone.
  2. Using glue attach the eyes, these can be plastic ones or ones you've cut out of construction paper.
  3. Cut a diamond shape from orange felt or construction paper and fold it in half widthwise to make the beak. Attach the beak to the head below the eyes.
  4. Crumple a small piece of red tissue paper and glue it to the turkey's chin.
  5. Halfway down the pine cone, wrap the yellow pipe cleaner around the pine cone and form the feet of the turkey. Remember to give each leg three toes. These legs are not meant to support your turkey.
  6. At the rear of the turkey attach feathers (ones you've found or purchased) with glue.
  7. If you are making place cards, use a sturdy piece of paper (card stock works well). Cut a rectangle and print your message and person's name. This card will sit in one of the crevices of the pine cone.

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