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Create A Friendship Scrapbook

Create a special keepsake for yourself or someone you love. Take pictures from a special event or memory and preserve them in a cherished scrapbook. This scrapbooking craft is is fun to do at birthday parties or to give to a special friend!

What you need:

Instructions follow below the video…

What you do:

  1. Make each paper an 8 1/2" square and fold each piece in half diagonally (both ways) and horizontially and vertically, see below. Be as percise as possible.
    Fold lines
  2. Fold them back the other way so they will be easier to fold later on, see below.
    Folded paper

  3. Overlap one quarter of your first piece of paper onto your second and glue, see below. Then take the two pieces that are now glued together and attach them in the same way to the last piece of paper.
    Glue the pages together.

  4. To make the booklet, fold the centres of the top and bottom piece of paper to the inside. The middle sheet of paper is folded to the back. See below.
    All three page joined and folded.
  5. Open your booklet and arrange the photos in a pleasing way. Use markers, stencils, stickers and ribbons to decorate the pages.
    Choose your pictures.
  6. Make note that some of the pictures will be on a fold line and will need to be cut so that your booklet will fold nicely. See below. Take care to cut your pictures in an interesting way. Try not to cut people's faces. Don't forget to add a personal touch.
    Cut the pictures and add decorations to the pages.
  7. Design a title page for your scrapbook. We used letters cut from magazines and stickers and pictures we love!
    Friendship Scrapbook