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Make Pretty Pictures with Autumn Leaves

Autumn is a wonderful time to collect leaves. As the cooler weather approaches, leaves turn a rainbow of colours. The next time you're out walking, why not take an empty shoe box or bag with you to collect some leaves. When you get home from your walk put on a warm cup of cocoa and make some of these fun craft ideas.

Autumn Leaves

Collecting Leaves:

While out walking, collect different leaves. Get a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Try not to be too greedy, collect only the leaves you think you might use. Remember that fallen leaves are good for the soil. Also, don't take leaves off trees on private property.

Preparing Your Leaves:

Once you have collected your leaves and have them at home, gently wash them, allow them to dry, then press them between the pages of a big book. To further preserve your leaves you can iron them between two sheets of wax paper. (Please ask a grown up to help you with the ironing.)

Craft Ideas:

  1. Lay some of the leaves you have collected under a blank sheet of paper. Colour across the paper with a crayon using long strokes - like magic the outline of the leaves will appear. Use a variety of colours.
  2. Make a leaf booklet. Use the best from each type of leaf that you collected. Glue one leaf per sheet of paper. Label the leaf and write something about it.
  3. Leaf pictures: Use a variety of leaves, big, small and different colours to make animals, sceneries or anything your imagination can come up with. Once you have laid out your picture on the paper, gently glue each leaf into place. When collecting leaves for this craft, make sure to get smaller leaves that can be used for eyes, ears & noses, etc.

Squigly, I have another idea for leaf pictures.

  1. Collect colorful leaves and lay them on a piece of waxed paper.
  2. Use a table knife to shave some crayons into little slivers and sprinkle them onto the waxed paper with the leaves.
  3. Then put another piece of wax paper on top and have your mom or dad iron it between newspapers.
  4. Hang it in a window, it's like stained glass.

Stephanie, USA

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