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How To Make An Insect Feeder

Make this insect feeder to attract butterflies, moths, bees, flies and other nectar loving insects. Hang this craft from a tree or outside a window and see what insects you attract.

Bee at a flower

What you need:

What you do:

  1. With your scissors cut the sponge 4 cm wide and 15 cm long, cut a 2 cm hole near bottom of bottle.
  2. Cut 20 cm of string and tie around sponge, tie stone around the other end of sponge.
  3. Put the stone and twine through the hole you cut in the bottle and push the sponge into the bottle leaving 2 cm of sponge hanging out.
  4. Unscrew the bottle cap and using the funnel pour 1 cup of sugar into the bottle.
  5. Over a sink, fill bottle 3/4 full of water and put lid on the bottle. Turn bottle upside down. Gently shake bottle to dissolve the sugar.
  6. With the help of an adult, secure the bottle to a tree branch using the wire.
  7. Keep a journal or log of the different insects that come to your feeder.

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