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Grow A Little Love Craft for Kids

Welcome the arrival of spring with this easy to make craft for kids. Make these cheerful flowers from leftover scrapbook paper and plant them in a styrofoam ball to add a cheerful spring touch to your home. Keep them or gift them to a friend or relative! Just by changing the sign you can turn this craft into a gift idea for Mother's Day! Crafting is fun at Squigly's Playhouse! Make this fun craft to welcome the arrival of spring or to surprise your mom on Mother's Day.

Grow A Little Love

What you need:

What you do:

  1. For each of the three flowers we made we picked two types of paper: One plain for the back petals and one complimentary patterned piece for the front petals. (Construction paper can also be used.) Each flower is made up of eight hearts, four for the front and four for the back. Instructions for cutting hearts from paper can be found here. Glue the hearts together so that they form a flower, then glue a button on the centre
  2. Once you have made your flowers, glue them onto the popsicle sticks. Using half a green pipe cleaner for each flower make flower petals for the stems. Glue them in place and let them dry.
  3. Ask an adult to help you cut the bottom off of the styrofoam ball. Paint it green and let it dry overnight. (We found it was easiest to roll the ball in the green paint until it was evenly covered in paint).
  4. While you are waiting for your flowers and styrofoam ball to dry, make a fun sign to plant in front of the flowers. We chose our saying to be "Grow Love" as you can see in the picture above. To make the sign, cut two same size pieces of box board and glue them together back to back, making sure that the plain side is facing out. Write your saying on the sign. Break a popsicle stick in half and glue it to the back of the sign.
  5. To complete this craft, use a butter knife (with the help of an adult) and poke three holes evenly spaced along the top of the styrofoam ball. Insert your flowers into the holes. Now poke one more hole with the knife in front of the flowers were you would like your sign to be. Insert your sign into the hole.
  6. Happy Spring!

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