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Clip on Braids

Sammy, age 13, from Australia shared this craft idea with Squigly.

Clip on braids are fun to wear when you're dressing up or just hanging around with friends.

What you need:

Instructions follow below the video…

What you do:

  1. Take your string/wool/yarn and cut three pieces. Make sure they are all the same length. You can make them any length you want, just be sure to add and extra 5cm so you can slip some beads on and so you can tie the braid.
  2. Tie the three pieces of string/wool/yarn together at one end and begin braiding.
  3. When you have about 5cm left of the string/wool/yarn put the beads on. You can put as many beads as you like on, but I always put three.
  4. After putting on the beads, wrap the elastic band around the end of the braid. Make sure it's firm, and make sure the beads won't slip over it.
  5. Now get the hair clip, and put a dab of glue on the front center of the clip. Get the braid and press the end WITHOUT the beads onto the glue.
  6. Allow to dry. Once the braid is firmly attached to the clip, you're ready to wear it and show it to your friends.
  7. Try this: Make 4 clip on braids and put 2 on each side of your head. It looks really cool. You could also put some on your pony tail or pig tails.