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Make a Nesting Supply Box For The Birds

Spring is nest building time for birds that have returned from the south. This craft is easy to put together and a lot of fun to do. You'll have fun watching the birds take your supplies to build their nests and you might even see them in use as you find nests in your neighborhood. It's a great activity for children of all ages and because this craft re-purposes a used milk container it makes a great Earth Day activity too!

Craft: Make a Nesting Supply Box For The Birds

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Ask a grown up to help you cut a flap (about halfway down) on both sides of the milk carton.
  2. Wash the inside of the milk carton and allow it dry.
  3. Fold the flaps of the milk carton down to create a perch for the birds to land on. Depending on how big your flaps are you might want to trim them. Birds only need a small perch.
  4. To make the hanger: thread a long piece of string through the opening of the milk carton. Tie the two pieces of string together. Make sure you use strong knots. Test your knots by pulling on either side of the string as hard as you can.
  5. Fill the box with the items you have collected (dryer lint, pet and people hair, bits of string and yarn).
  6. Hang your nesting supply box outside in a tree. Check it periodically to see if it needs refilling. Enjoy watching the birds carry off the supplies you have provided.

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