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Apple Witch Halloween Craft

Make this old fashioned Halloween craft. Carve an image, like a witch's face into a peeled apple then let time and air shrink and distort it! You will have to start this craft early to have it ready in time for October 31.

Witch flying on a broomstick

What you need:

What you do:

  1. With the help of an adult, peel the apple and carve a face on one side. This will be your witch's head. Be sure to carve deeply because as the apple dries and shrinks, the features you have carved will shrink. Place the apple in a cool, dry place and allow the apple to shrivel and dry. This will take 2 -3 weeks.
  2. Once your witch's head is shriveled and brown, poke the popsicle stick into the bottom of the apple.
  3. Cut and separate the strands of wool and glue them on the top of the witch's head.
  4. Use the modeling clay to make a base sturdy and stable enough to support your witch.
  5. Using the construction paper, design a cape and hat for your witch. Cones work great.

If you've enjoyed making this craft, why not make one for a friend?

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