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Action Games

Squigly loves to play games. Our cool mobile friendly games will work on your iOS and Android devices. Our collection of action games are challenging and fun. Be sure to come back often as we are always adding new games!

UFO Game


Keep your wits about you as you collect stars and avoid astroids!

Santa On Skates Game

Santa On Skates

Santa's on skates and it's your job to help him collect all the candy from each level.

Planet Spin Game

Planet Spin

Rotate the tri-colour planet and make sure that the characters land in their matching part of the planet.

Valiant Knight Game

Valiant Knight

Collect coins and avoid baddies and diabolical traps in your quest to rescue the princess. Levels become progressively harder!

Winter Moles Game

Winter Moles

Hit the moles as the appear!

Jello Jumper Game

Jello Jumper

Jump and jump some more in this fun game!

Tap Skier Game

Tap Skier

Ski down the hill at breakneck speed by clicking on the screen.

Hit The UFO Game

Hit The UFO

Save planet Earth from the attack of the UFOs!

Round Runner Game

Round Runner

Run round and round collecting the gold blocks as you go!

Princess GoldBlade Game

Princess GoldBlade

Collect the coins and defeat the baddies,

Present...ing! Game


Catch the presents as they fall from the sky!

Bionic Race Game

Bionic Race

Get ready for an awesome race, collect coins and avoid obstacles!

Monster Ball Game

Monster Ball

Feed Monster Hrum Hrum his favorite balls but watch out for the evil monsters!

Honey Bee Game

Honey Bee

Tap the yellow bees as fast as you can to earn a high score!

Candy Monsters Game

Candy Monsters

These hungry monsters want candy, but not just any candy will do. Match the candy to the monster to earn points and advance.

Ninja Action Game

Ninja Action

Run and jump and collect as many coins as you can!

Rolling Panda Game

Rolling Panda

Help panda climb up the cave walls!

Santa's Quest Game

Santa's Quest

Join Santa's Quest to rid the North Pole of evil monsters.

Traffic Game


Help the robot get across as many lanes of traffic as possible.

Angry Submarine Game

Angry Submarine

Explore an underwater world. Collect gems and destroy obstacles. Earn power ups and more in this underwater action game!

Mouse Down Game

Mouse Down

Collect keys and avoid obstacles as you navigate the mouse down!

Gold Miner Game

Gold Miner

Mine for gold!

Forest Mayhem Game

Forest Mayhem

Tap the rabbits as they appear to earn points!

Winter Adventures Game

Winter Adventures

It's time to decorate your Christmas tree. Move the sled back and forth to collect as many stars as you can. Avoid the giant snowballs falling from the sky!

Ninja Boy Game

Ninja Boy

Get ready for a fun adventure with Ninja Boy! Collect stars, defeat the monsters and open the treasure chests in this fun game!

Neon Man Game

Neon Man

Help Neon Man clear each level by jumping over obstacles!

Flapcat Game


Avoid the obstacles in this fun game.

Sky of Monsters Game

Sky of Monsters

Tap your way to victory as you rid of the sky of monsters!

Don't Crash Game

Don't Crash

Watch the cars race around the track. Don't let them crash. Tap the screen to make the car change tracks.

Break Out Game

Break Out

Destroy all the bricks on each level.

Mango Mania Game

Mango Mania

Collect the mangos, grab the jewel and head for the exit!

Panda Love Game

Panda Love

Reunite the panda with his true love.

Super Panda Vault Game

Super Panda Vault

Jump from platform to platform collecting treasure and avoiding obstacles!

Jump On Jupiter Game

Jump On Jupiter

Jump on the portals but avoid the obstacles to score big!

Space Rocket Game

Space Rocket

Have you ever wanted to fly a rocket? Here's your chance. Fly through space and avoid the obstacles in this fun and challenging game!

Robbers In Town Game

Robbers In Town

Help the robbers escape with the loot!

Indiara and the Skull Gold Game

Indiara and the Skull Gold

Collect the gold in this platform runner game!

Ninja Run Game

Ninja Run

Collect as many coins as you can but watch out for bombs!

Swing Robber Game

Swing Robber

Help the robber escape by swinging from rooftop to rooftop!