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Free Game: Breakfast Time
Breakfast Time
Free Game: Leprechaun Match
Leprechaun Match
Free Game: Super Panda Vault
Super Panda Vault
Free Game: Snowflake Match Up
Snowflake Match Up
Free Game: Tap Skier
Tap Skier
Free Game: Swing Robber
Swing Robber
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Brain Teasers

To whom do all men take off their hats?
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Laugh Out Loud!

Q:   Why did the jellybean go to school?
A:   To become a smartie!
Knock, knock
Who's there?
Lionel who?
Lionel bite you if you don't watch out!
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LaKesheauna: My dentist put his finger in a lion's mouth to see how many teeth it had.
Latangela: What did the lion do?
LaKesheauna: It closed its mouth to see how many fingers my dentist had.

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Craft: Decorated Mirrors
Decorated Mirrors
Craft: Twirling Pinwheel
Twirling Pinwheel
Craft: Jellybean Bark
Jellybean Bark
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Coloring Pages

Coloring Page: Basketball
Coloring Page: Let's Fly a Kite
Let's Fly a Kite
Coloring Page: Jumping Puddles
Jumping Puddles
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Pencil Puzzles

Coloring Page: Squigly's Maze
Squigly's Maze
Coloring Page: Celebrate Secret Code
Celebrate Secret Code
Coloring Page: Count the Mice
Count the Mice
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Sliding Tile Game

Tile Game: Santa's Sleigh
Santa's Sleigh
Tile Game: Fast Food
Fast Food
Tile Game: Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear
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Mad Libs!