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Online Game: Jumping Ball
Jumping Ball
Online Game: Cute Checkers
Cute Checkers
Online Game: Soot's Living Room
Soot's Living Room
Online Game: Diamond Tunnel
Diamond Tunnel
Online Game: Ditto Boom
Ditto Boom
Online Game: Durian Revenge 2
Durian Revenge 2
Online Game: Pyxel Paper Kart
Pyxel Paper Kart
Online Game: Squigly Dress Up
Squigly Dress Up
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Laugh Out Loud!
Q:   If you're on a plane and one of the engines breaks, how far will the other one take you?
A:   All the way to the scene of the crash.
Q:   What can run, play and move around yet it cannot breath?
A:   A CD or DVD!
Knock, knock
Who's there?
Me who?
Wow! You don't know who you are?
Little Jaden told his his dad he wanted to get married. His dad asked, "Do you have any one in mind?"
He said, "Yes, grandma."
Dad asked, "My mom? Why?"
Little Jaden said, "Well, you married my mom!"
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Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages

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Mad Libs

Mad Libs

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Button Flowers

Nesting Supply Box For Birds

Nature Bingo cards

Easter Boy Chick

Christmas Tree Light

Bath Salts
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Autmn Activities
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Brain Puzzles
Brain Teaser

Brain Teasers

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Trivia Quizzes

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Vacation Spot the Difference

Mother's Day Crossword

Father's Day Secret Code
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We have cool games including adventure games, racing games, puzzle games, dress up games, 2 Player games and even cool math games and cooking games. We have awesome arts and craft ideas and funny jokes and riddles and knock knock jokes. Our printable puzzles and coloring pages are all free too! We love to celebrate the seasons and holidays so you will find lots of activities for each.

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