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Do you love Mad Libs? If you do, you're not alone. Our visitors have sent us their creative stories which we have turned into Mad Libs. To get started, pick a story and we'll prompt you for words. Once we've got your words we'll build a story and you'll get to read it. Get ready to laugh!


Featured Mad Libs

Animal Rescue

The Big Catch

The Black Shoes
A Day At The Beach
The Desk
A Fairy Tale
Granny's Garden Jungle
The Gym
The Invention
January Shopping
The Little Green Nobody
The Magic Book
The Movers
My Crush
The New Girl
Not Quite a Tomboy
The One I Won't Forget
The Runaway Rats
The Sad Banana
Squigly's Surprise
Holiday Mad Libs
Christmas Mad Libs
A Reindeer Story
The Christmas Gift
Christmas Shopping
Christmas Shopping 2
Forgetful Santa

The Christmas Surprise

The Elves
The Holiday Mistake
The Night Before Christmas
The Night Before Christmas 2
The Night Before Christmas Poem
Easter Mad Libs
The Best Easter Ever
Easter Morning
Easter Surprise
Happy Easter
It's Easter
The Kingdom on a Hill
Halloween Mad Libs
A Horror Movie
What Should I Be?
Witch and Wizard
Mother's Day Mad Libs
A Special Day
St. Patrick's Day Mad Libs
At The End of the Rainbow
The Leprechaun Story
Valentine's Mad Libs
Getting Married
The New Town
The Valentine
More Mad Libs
Alone in the Dark
The Amazon River
Around the Corner
The Beautiful Girl
The Best Spring Ever
The Brain Wave
A Bunny Story
Captivating Girl
The Cat
The Date
The Ducky
An Endless Hope
Evan's Great Escape
The Evil Kangaroos
The Field Trip
The Fountain
Friends Forever
The Frog
The Gold
Golden Nuggets
The Grand Prize
The Haunted House
In the Corner
It's Falling
The Limerick
The Little Ant
Little Lost Dog
The Lost Dog
Little Lost Pony
Lost and Found
Lottery Win
The Monster
My First
My Trip to Europe
The Mysterious Note
The New Baby
The New Pokemon
New School
The Not So Horrible Day
One Dark, Stormy Night
The Pen War
The Pop Star
The Princess?
The Pussycat
Revenge of the Brother
The Ring
The Rocket Trip
The Rotten Pumpkin
The Sandwich
The Scavenger Hunt
The Silly Old Baboon
Smiley Inc.
Snow Storm
The Spaceman
Spine Chiller
A Story for a Girl
The Teddy Bear
The Thing In My Closet
Trying New Things
The Vanishing DVD
The Very Cute Boy
The Wishing Well
The Yellow Jelly Baby
The Zoo is Fun
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