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Kids Halloween Ideas

Boo! It's Halloween. It's the scariest time of year with goblins and witches roaming about looking for Halloween treats. We've got lot of Halloween ideas for you like coloring pages, crafts, jokes, puzzles, quizzes and games for you to celebrate this spooky season.

Colouring Pages

Haloween Coloring Page: Witch with Pumpkin Haloween Coloring Page: Indian Costume Haloween Coloring Page: Witch with Broom


Haloween Craft: Glow-In-The-Dark Ghosts Haloween Craft: Halloween Cupcakes Haloween Craft: Candy Corn Cake

Fun Poll

At what age are you too old to trick or treat?
What is your favourite type of Halloween candy?


Haloween Game: Halloween Cuppy Cake Haloween Game: Halloween Girl Haloween Game: Halloween Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

Masks Ghosts Jack o Lanterns

Jokes & Riddles

Ghoulishly funny jokes and riddles to tickle your funny bone!

Mad Libs

Make funny Halloween stories. Enter the words as you are prompted and we'll make a funny story for you!

Matching Games

Select a matching game and then look for the two identical pictures.

Picture Match: Haunted House Witch Picture Match: Trick or Treat
Halloween Pumpkin  

Online Coloring Pages

Coloring fun without having to leave your computer!

Online Coloring Page: Trick or Treat Online Coloring Page: Witch  

Pencil Puzzles

We've got crossword puzzles, secret codes, word searches and spot the difference puzzles to celebrate Halloween.

Halloween Puzzle: Halloween Crossword Halloween Puzzle: Halloween Word Search (Online) Halloween Puzzle: Halloween Special Message


A fun 10 question quiz about Halloween.

Scary Creatures

Tile Games

Sliding Tile Game: Halloween

Sliding Tile Game: Trick or Treat  

Word Scrambles

Unscramble the letters in each of these puzzles to make Halloween related words.

Word Search

Solve Squigly's Halloween word search puzzle

Word Star

Earn stars as you guess Squigly's word list in this fun word game.

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