Holidays: Family Day

Family WalkingFamily Day is celebrated in certain places across the world, but Squigly thinks every day counts as family day!

Here are some great activities to do as a family:

PointPlay a game PointTake a nature walk PointVisit a museum
PointGo to a park PointFly a kite PointRead a book
PointLook through family photo albums PointGo for a bike ride PointGo swimming
PointMake a snowman family PointGo tobogganing PointHave a picnic
PointAttend family day activities in your area PointDiscover the fun of geocaching PointGo to the library
PointBake something PointMake a special meal together PointPlay a sport

Squigly has some great coloring pages to help celebrate:

Family Picnic Family at a Fair Family Family with Grandparents Family with Children Large Family
Family at
a Fair
Family Family with
Family with
Large Family
  Baking Cookies Mom with Kids Flying Kites Family at Beach  
  Baking Cookies Mom With Kids Flying Kites Family at the Beach  

Solve these Word Scrambles together:

Here are some suggestions to help you have quality family time:

Focus Focus on time spent together .
Attraction Visit an attraction such as a museum, fair, or library.
Memories Create memories that will last a lifetime. (Check out Squigly's suggestions.)
Invest Invest in getting to know one another.
Love Make showing love the key goal.
Yes Say yes to trying something new with your family.
Dinner Spend time and eat dinner together. Check out this site: Family Day
Attention Pay special attention to the family, and avoid outside distractions.
Young Stay young at heart.
Play fun games online.
Read jokes and riddles sent in by Squigly's friends.
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