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Squigly's Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year but you might like these activities any day of the year! There are coloring pages, crafts, puzzles, trivia guizzes, matching games, word games and other good games for you to celebrate the season.

Coloring Pages Earth Day Coloring Page: Earth Day Coloring Page: Recycling Cartoon Coloring Page: Recycling Robot

Crafts Craft: Decorative Jar

Craft: Bird Supply Box Craft: Pinwheel

Matching Game Matching Game: Earth Day Matching Game: Picking Up Trash Matching Game: Recycling

Pencil Puzzles Whether you like crossword puzzles, secret codes, word searches or spot the difference puzzles, we're sure we have a puzzle to challenge you!

Play Earth Day Games Online Play Game Online: Recycle
Play Game Online: Out of Wind
Out of Wind
Quiz: Miss Earth Day
Miss Earth Day Quiz

Trivia Quizzes

Word Search Solve Squigly's Earth Day online word search puzzle.

Word Scrambles

Word Star Earn stars as you guess Squigly's word list in this fun word game.

Vote Answer Squigly's Earth Day poll!

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