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Oma sent in this Easter quiz based on the biblical account of Jesus' life. See how many questions you can get right in this fun quiz.


When you have answered all the questions you can, click on the Check Answers button and see how you did.


We celebrate that this person came back to life from the dead on Easter morning.



Why does Easter fall on a different day each year?

People like a change
It is on the first Sunday after the March full moon (vernal equinox)
The churches decide from year to year what day it should be


Why do we call Good Friday 'Good?'

The Lord Jesus died to take the punishment for our sin
Bad Friday would not sound very nice
The leaders of the people were glad it happened before their holiday


The reason there were soldiers guarding a dead man's tomb was because:

The priests were afraid someone would come and steal the body
The governor was afraid the dead man would try to get out
This was always done in those days


How do we know what happened that first Easter Sunday?

We read about it in the Bible
The soldier guards told what they saw
Both of the above


The first person to see the Lord Jesus alive was:

A soldier
A woman
A priest


Jesus was condemned to death by crucifixion because:

He had started a riot in the streets of Jerusalem
He claimed to be God
He was a liar


The big stone in front of the entrance to the tomb was rolled away by:

The women who came to the garden early in the morning to bring spices
The high priest who was curious to see if the body was still there
An angel was sent from heaven to show that the tomb was empty


One of the things Jesus prayed for the soldiers who were nailing Him to the cross was:

Father, please get me out of this mess
Father, please punish these wicked people
Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing


You can have your sins forgiven by:

Living a good life
Believing Jesus died and came alive again for you
Following all the rules


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