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Squigly loves to play games on his mobile devices. Our cool games should work on any recent tablet or smart phone. We've got action games, sports games and puzzle games of all kinds. Make sure to come back often, we are always adding new games!

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Action Games

Online Game: Break Out
Break Out
Online Game: Plane Float
Plane Float
Online Game: Flappy Yellow Bird Clone
Flappy Yellow Bird Clone
Online Game: Forest Mayhem
Forest Mayhem
Online Game: Flapcat
Online Game: Jello Jumper
Jello Jumper
Online Game: Princess GoldBlade
Princess GoldBlade
Online Game: Honey Bee
Honey Bee
Online Game: Gold Miner
Gold Miner
Online Game: Neon Man
Neon Man
Online Game: Night Cast
Night Cast
Online Game: Panda Love
Panda Love

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Puzzle Games

Online Game: Word Up
Word Up
Online Game: Cross RPG
Cross RPG
Online Game: Mad Libs
Mad Libs
Online Game: Funny Faces
Funny Faces
Online Game: Stones of the Pharaoh
Stones of the Pharaoh
Online Game: Christmas Shooter
Christmas Shooter
Online Game: Save The Penguin
Save The Penguin
Online Game: Mr. Smith Pics and Words
Mr. Smith Pics and Words
Online Game: Sweety Memory
Sweety Memory
Online Game: Jelly Break
Jelly Break
Online Game: Color Match PopStar
Color Match PopStar
Online Game: Woblox

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Sports Games

Online Game: The Truck
The Truck
Online Game: Basketball
Online Game: Kick Ups
Kick Ups
Online Game: Air Hockey
Air Hockey
Online Game: Mini Golf
Mini Golf
Online Game: Let's Park
Let's Park

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Logic Puzzles
Tile Games
Online Tile Game: Woody
Online Tile Game: Halloween
Online Tile Game: Father's Day
Father's Day
Online Tile Game: Easter
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Matching Games
Online Matching Game: Backpack
Online Matching Game: Father's Day
Father's Day
Online Matching Game: The Hearts
The Hearts
Online Matching Game: Sand Castle
Sand Castle
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Flash Games
These games require Flash. Not all mobile devices can run Flash and a special browser may be required. You should be able to find a Flash-enabled browser at your device's App Store. Sorry, but Squigly can't recommend any specific browsers as each device is unique. Ask an adult for help and/or permission before downloading any app.
Online Flash Game: Save Squigly
Save Squigly
Online Flash Game: Lovelicious
Online Flash Game: Madpet Sky Jumper
Madpet Sky Jumper
Online Flash Game: Battle Mars
Battle Mars
Online Flash Game: Find The Candy
Find The Candy
Online Flash Game: Puzzle Elves
Puzzle Elves
Online Flash Game: Bike Thrill Ride
Bike Thrill Ride
Online Flash Game: King of Shapes
King of Shapes
Online Flash Game: Math vs Monster: Intergers
Math vs Monster: Intergers
Online Flash Game: Roll It
Roll It
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